Cork based Vegan wallet, clutch, bag

Sustainable Lifestyle

Our lifestyle choices have a grave impact on the environment and its future. Leather has been used for centuries, however as the fashion industry demands more cheaper supply, its production has become environmentally unsustainable.

Cork addresses this issue as a sustainably harvested resource, extracted as bark that is renewable from a unique tree called Quercus Suber. This bark is then processed into fabric using non toxic chemicals or animal products. 

A shift to sustainable fashion consumption can only occur when people have a choice. 

 Thats exactly what CORKIZA offers by curating  wallets, bags and more using Cork wood. If you believe in making a difference then adopt Cork and be the proponent of change.

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Love the mission of this company.

A great option if your don't want to be carrying around a dead animal on you all the time. Love the attention to detail and quality. 
I've thinking of picking up another one as a gift. Spread some non-cruel ways of living around. 
Thanks Corkiza

Shaun Patel - proud owner of our Classic Cork men's wallet

Perfect gift

Cannot recommend this company enough! From the moment I placed my order I've been thoroughly impressed with the whole process, speedy delivery, great prices and quality product. This is the perfect gift due to its uniqueness and high quality.

Celine Van Os - Australia - proud owner of the Trifold womens wallet

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