About Us

Corkiza is a creative blend of ethics, sustainability and passion. 

In our present times riddled with environmental challenges, there is nothing more thoughtful than being Eco-conscious. At Corkiza, we believe in fashion that is ethical, sustainable and exudes panache, while being devoid of brutality against animals. Cork fabric is the right answer to it.
At Corkiza, we create products that ooze compassion and happiness. You are drawn to experience that when you own it.
By adopting cork products we can contribute towards preservation of a natural, renewable and important ecological environment that plays a vital role in combating global warming.


Why Cork Leather?

It's a plant based material that is renewable, biodegradable and can be sustainably harvested for mass consumption while having a positive carbon footprint. Explore our collection of wallets handcrafted with the finest Cork fabric.

Sea-friendly & Earth-friendly

No PVC and other toxic chemicals that harm you and our planet are used in Cork production. It is 100% natural and no tree is cut down to harvest cork. Only the bark is stripped off allowing the tree to regenerate naturally.