All our products come with a 6 month warranty from the day they were bought, subject to a few conditions. As long as the product has been used under normal circumstances and for the intended purpose, it will be covered under our warranty. Try not to stuff the products beyond their recommended capacity, else it may lead to tear and damage.

In case the product is damaged due to neglect, misuse, or any accidental damage etc. Corkiza will not take responsibility. 

The warranty covers any faults in materials and workmanship, and will not apply in the case of regular wear and tear. The product will either be fixed or replaced. If the item is no longer available, we will give you a discount voucher, at our discretion


Contact us at info@corkiza.com with your order ID, invoice copy and a description of what went wrong. Including a few pictures will help us understand better. Please note, Corkiza has the right to decline a claim if it does not meet our criteria.


We do our photography in natural light and strive to present product colors in their natural form. There may be slight variations in color from what you see on screen. We have added multiple product images to help you out You can always reach out to us on info@corkiza.com if you’d like to know more about cork. Corkiza does not accept returns in cases where the customer had a different expectation from the look or color of the material.